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Instrument Rating

EFT Is Colorado’s #1 Accelerated Instrument Flight Training Facility

Flexibility is one of the main reasons why students should take instrument flight training. Though not compulsory, an instrument rating is the final weapon in any pilot’s armory of qualifications and credentials.

When you get yourself an IFR rating, you will be well-equipped to handle single-pilot operation under instrument flying rules. In such unexpected scenarios as encountering clouds while flying, the skills you acquire during instrument flight training will prove both essential and invaluable.

In Colorado, Executive Flight Training’s 10-Day Instrument Course is one of the best in the US. Unlike most traditional flight schools that offer short flight lessons then drag out the certification for months or even years, we at EFT will work with you every day until you finish your course.

Ground School: Attending Instrument Ground School is optional, and is scheduled for two days at the beginning of the course for the benefit of those who haven’t passed the FAA Knowledge Test.

This course is the fastest way to get through the FAA Knowledge Test, and is taught by experienced instrument pilots who understand that learning the foundations of navigation, weather, and FARs is of utmost importance for pilots who wish to get their IFR rating.

Simulators. EFT has 3 full-sized, FAA approved AST -300 simulators. These simulators come with color visual displays as well as position plotters.

In addition, you have the option to use our simulators for up to 20 hours with the instructor in all airports, including Colorado’s Centennial Airport. In addition, all of the airports and approaches that you will be using during flight training can be practiced in the simulator.

Flight Training. During flight training, you have the freedom to use either your aircraft or ours. The academy prefers to fly out of Denver area’s Centennial Airport (KAPA), but we can also fly with you out of your airport of choice. The airport has a 24-hour control tower equipped with all of the instrument approaches such as ILS, LOC, NDB, VOR, GPS and WAAS.

By the time you finish your course, you will be more than capable of flying IFR into any airport with no sweat.

Instructors: While the FAA does not require a Certified Instrument Instructor to have ever flown actual IFR, at Executive Flight Training, with us, you’ll have one for your Instrument Flight Training instructor. That’s because we take Instrument flight training very seriously.

As proof of that, all training is supervised by Chief Instructor, Larry Camden, a retired Continental Airlines captain with more than 38,000 hours of flying all types of aircraft. Camden has been awarded three awards by the FAA, including “Certified Flight Instructor of the Year for 2009” “Colorado/Wyoming” and “Northwest Mountain Region”.

Instrument Rating – ASEL – 40 Hours -- 9 to 10 Days
Flight Time 20 Hours in Cessna 182S Cost:
AST-300 FTD 20 Hours ( more available at no charge)
Instruction Up to 10 days
Check Ride Free use of aircraft up to 1.5 hours (Examiner fee not included)
Instrument Rating -- Multi-Engine – 40 Hour Course – 9 to 10 Days
Flight Time 20 hours in Piper Turbo- Seminole Cost:
AST-300 FTD 20 Hours ( more available at no charge)
Instruction Up to 10 days
Check Ride Free use of aircraft up to 1.5 hours (Examiner fee not included)
Instrument Ground School – 2 Days
Ground School Required if FAA Knowledge Test has not been passed. Cost:

Executive Flight Training
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