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Mountain Flying

This course teaches the basics necessary for mountain flying and high elevation airport operations.

Training is accomplished in 2 days.

The purpose of this course is to prepare a pilot with the skills and knowledge required to conduct flights in mountainous terrain and in and out of high elevation airports. The training is in two parts; ground school and flight training. The ground school is conducted in conjunction with the Colorado Pilots Association, and includes the following topics; Mountain Weather Phenomena, Flight Planning for Mountain Flying, Density Altitude, High Altitude Aircraft Performance, Off-airport Landings, Mountain Winds, Mountain Airport Arrivals, Enroute Navigation, Emergency Planning, Proper Leaning Procedures, and Mountain Airport Departures. A course study guide and certificate of completion are provided. The flight training phase will take you on an actual flight through the mountains, landing and departing at several different airports, and giving you the opportunity to experience mountain flying first hand.

The views are spectacular, so bring your camera!

Executive Flight Training
13000 East Control Tower Rd. Ste. 208
Centennial Airport
Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: 303-799-7735
Fax: 303-799-4826