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Private Pilot Course

Flying Start

First 4 flight Lessons + 3 ground lessons = $699* The ideal way to try out flying and see if you have what it takes to be a pilot! *Flight Lessons = Four Hours Total. Ground lessons = Three Hours Total. Flight Lessons and Ground Lessons may be combined for longer training period.

Solo Course

Solo in just 30 days or less. Price is determined by the choice of aircraft and instructor. Hours of instruction necessary for solo vary with individuals. You will not solo until competent. Normal progress is 15-22 hours of flight time.

Private Pilot

The Private Pilot is in three phases:
   Phase 1: Pre-Solo
   Phase 2: Cross Country and Instrument Training
   Phase 3: Preparation for FAA Practical Test

FAA requires a forty-hour minimum of flight time. If completed in 40 hours, the training cost will be approximately $9500 for everything. The national average is 75 hours flight time. EFT is not a club - no dues, no fees.

Learn to Fly

Become a Pilot at Executive Flight Training

Follow your dream of flying!

If you have always wanted to fly, now is the time. Join so many others who have found flying offers the kind of excitement and fulfillment that makes flying an adventure.

Executive Flight Training
provides you with a fun way to obtain your Pilot License in the shortest possible time.

EFT is small, high quality flight school located at the Centennial Airport on Denverís south side.

Amazing Instructors. Each of our instructors is fully rated by the FAA to teach at all levels from basic thru advanced, single and multi-engine flying. These instructors have the rare skill to make you a safe, competent pilot in the shortest time possible. Everything in our program is optimized for your quick success. Many of our students are now professional pilots flying for the airlines or corporations. Other students are flying their own private planes for recreational reasons.

Flying for your business. Many business people who started flying for pleasure find a pilotís license is a good business investment.

Executive Flight Training
13000 East Control Tower Rd. Ste. 208
Centennial Airport
Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: 303-799-7735
Fax: 303-799-4826